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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Anonymously Superior Reality

This post is in response to this bizarre anonymous post found on Yedid Nefesh's Blog.

Inevitability. It can said that In some ways there always is an inevitability. An action sets in motion a chain of causal and proximate event that are going to transpire. While we may not know or understand them, we know these eventualities to be nearly certain. Parenthetically, we all know that we are all eventually going to die, but that generally doesn’t alter our lives in any particular way. Granted, that’s not to say that said knowledge shouldn’t.


As per the question whether the pavement in Canada will swallow one whole, I believe that to be a farce. Hello, it’s Canada?! It is in the best interest of it's socialistic doctrine to keep people safe in order to avoid providing unnecessary medical care! And clearly if the pavement were to swallow one up in Canada the victim would probably be best sent to glue factory anyway. Quicker service for the same result…

I do dissent in part with the sentiment that denying the inevitability of life will lead one astray. Ignorance is most definitely bliss. It becomes rather difficult in ascertaining who is happier; especially when considering that we neither objectify happiness nor read another’s mind. I suppose that is the philosophical sacrifice that must be made; with intelligence comes pain and with knowledge comes hardship.

BrainI find the story of barista peculiar. Personally, I have never heard brown in my life, except maybe with regards to diarrhea or a sound that precludes smelling a foul odor emanating from a baby’s diaper. Then again, I don’t make coffee for a living soperhaps I am missing out on something here.

Nonetheless, I don’t believe that the barista in his capacity was any happier than anyone else. He was happy with “his” reality however relative it may have been. It can be equally argued that others in comparable situations are not happy their relative realities. Some people will see the walls closing in on them as claustrophobia while other will find them to be cozy and snugly. Seeing and or feeling a higher reality can be both a blessing and a curse.

If you have read this diatribe thus far, you must have realized that what I am writing in my prose is rather argumentative and lacking in coherent substance. So let us take a holistic approach in our analysis.


First off, I don’t know what the author of this piece really intended but here is my take on it. It is known and well understood that we as humans block out emotions and stimuli. We have to. Our brains are inundated and bombarded with stimuli constantly. That doesn’t mean that all the information isn’t processed or decoded in some way. Alternatively, those who cannot perform said task are typically classified under an umbrella or spectrum disorder. Hence, why the human body is considered more of an art and less of a science; no one knows how or why, just some facts. That’s not to say that any given stimulus is not apparent in nature just because most people aren’t aware of it.

Here is another explanation along the same lines of reasoning. It said that people who are lacking in one of five senses have heighted sensitivity in at least one of the other four senses; such a blind person having a keen sense of hearing. Does that mean that blind fellow is crazy because he or she can detect stimuli that others can’t, most definitely not!

So what does all this mean to the average person? Basically, the idea is that as healthy normal humans we are “missing” a lot of stimuli, some good and some bad. Knowing that that these stimuli exist, or even that these stimuli can affect our inevitability, is something that we subconscious and unknowingly incorporate into our everyday lives. Practically speaking, these “things” do not make a difference in our day to day lives. However, think back to a time of personal extreme happiness or sadness. Try to remember the most minute detail or obscure stimuli. What do you find? You might recall a lot more details then you might have otherwise... 

To conclude, it’s the state of mind that determines one’s ability to attain a superior reality. How one choice to get there is a different story…


  1. U did have a lot to say! isnt happiness anyways a relative in your reality? Its a state of mind, not a measure, so if being psychotic makes him happy, he is happy. You cannot miss what you do not know

  2. Arguably, happiness is both; relative on a subjective level and comparably on an objective level. Just because we can’t disseminate who is happier doesn’t mean such a metric cannot exist. Perhaps the barista was in fact happy, but does his state of happiness make him any happier than say you or I? There would be no way to know.

    As per your other point, “you cannot miss what you do not know,” that begets a complicated theoretical discussion as to the actual state of mind of the barista. Did he attain a level of superior reality by choice? Was there an alternative? Was his superior reality just an escape from what he did know? I surmise even the expert author could not definitively answer those questions, at least based on the facts presented.


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