Solely In Black and White: Happiness

Monday, October 3, 2011


We are told that someone who is rich is happy with his or her lot. But who is one who is truly happy? Alternatively, what is happy? While I suppose happiness isn't easily defined once you take into consideration the subjectivity of the matter, nonetheless, there are assumed characteristics of happiness. Regardless, I suppose how one defines happiness would be a byproduct of their perspective on life. Mainly, I surmise that a person’s disposition with regards to pessimism, optimism, or realism would alter their interpretation of happiness. Being that my wife, TAW, is an avid optimist, I couldn’t resist (and at her request) posting this picture which defines her understanding of happiness.

Anyway, even I, someone who is arguably not an optimist, would agree that the statements professed above contain some element of truth.... Just some food for thought... 


  1. There was a study done, and it concluded that Denmark contains the happiest people. They have 50% income tax, their quality of life may not be that much different than other countries, but they say it is because they don't expect anything; they are content with what they have and do not seek more.

  2. I have actually been thinking abt happiness lately and how it really isnt abt what u have. But then what it is? when you are happy with what you have and grateful and all, yet you dont feel satisfied, or worse, entertained... than what? does that make you unhappy?


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