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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Too Much Yom Yov…

Rafi Skier

You know how it is professed that too much of a good thing is a bad thing? Well, I couldn’t agree more that said epithet applies to Yom Tov; especially those of the three-day variety that come in close succession.  Personally, I am of the cynical opinion that no one really "enjoys" Yom Tov, we merely tolerate it. 

Anyway, I am utterly exhausted from Yom Tov and now quite lacking in free time. I'm not sure why eating, sleeping, and going to shul (over and over again) is so exhausting, but it is. Well, to be fair it was simchas torah, so I suppose we can attribute some tiredness to that. It's still bizarre that I find myself tired from being on holiday. 

As per the purpose of this post, I just couldn’t resist posting that book cover, mainly for two reasons. First, I literally grew up on The Berenstain Bears. Second, I’ve been waiting forever for someone to finally make that cover! I am very tempted to write an accompany story to that cover, but unfortunately that task might have to wait a bit. Too much to do and not enough time, although the idea will probably make it to my post-to-do list so keep your eyes peeled.

In conclusion, I hope your Yom Tov was enjoyable. Nonetheless, I leave you with a sentiment through a quote from a family member, as to which I wholeheartedly agree,: “So excited for regular life to resume!” 


  1. hey Im one of those who truly enjoyed Yom Tov, till the end of it. yes im behind now in my daily life and its good to be back to normal, but as long as it lasts, I enjoy it :)

  2. I really enjoyed yontif. Seriously - and I had to keep my makeup on for three days straight! You dudes have it easy.

    I felt sad as I took apart the succah - I kept humming "A Succalah A Kleine" rather morosely as I did it.

    Although I do look forward to the day when there will be but one day of yontif.

  3. Haha thanks for the credit!
    Yes, this was inspired by the feeling portrayed on the cover- I look forward to seeing the actual book!


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