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Monday, December 26, 2011

Question(s) of the Week: Chanukah

The first question of the week, as it is Chanukah, why do fried foods taste so darn good? Just kidding. :-P Seriously though, how is it that the ultimate Chanukah food, the infamous Latke, is not even fried in olive oil?!  I’m starting to wonder if those jelly doughnuts are fried in non-olive oil based grease as well. (Supposedly olive oil is not the best or healthiest oil for frying purposes.) They taste great and all, but I’m kinda wondering why olive tapenade isn’t as popular a dish in the theme of Chanukah…


Anyway, the real question of this post is about Shabbos Chanukah. Has Shabbos Chanukah always been yom-tov like or is that a recent innovation?  Perhaps the fact that Shabbos Chanukah coincided with Christmas made it an opportune weekend to celebrate and visit family this year, but is it like that every year? 

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  1. Shabbos chanuka has always been something special. for numerous reasons. See here


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