Solely In Black and White: January 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The “Poo” of Parenting

Djess zwemt in schone pampers

Being a parent isn’t all fun and games. Every stage has its benefits and challenges.  A commonality seems to be that no matter what stage of life you’re in, someone is always ready to give you advice. (More context on the topic of advice to be provided in a subsequent post). Or as one person told us, “enjoy them when their young and the step on your toes before they get older and step on your heart.” 

Regardless, aside from lack of sleep, the challenges that entail include changing poopie diapers, dodging up spit-up, and getting my daughter (Little Miss Potato Head, LMPH) to burp.  Yeah, last night I got doused in spit-up. I mean like a tidal wave of the stuff. I really hope Shout pre-treatment is okay on Tzitzis strings. :-/ But aside from that I guess I can’t really complain.  Oh, except for the poopie diaper thing; I am not a fan.  

Yummy? :-/

As things went, I actually got rather lucky in the diaper changing department. I think I went some 8-odd weeks without finding a poopie diaper on “my shift.” My luck, however, seems to have run out. Recently, I received the indelible gift, of not one, not two, but three poopies.  I have to admit I gaged a little the first time. ( I’ve heard from “experts” that formula based poopies smell worse, and I suppose I now concur.) The constancy and color resembles deli mustard and smells kinda like bean curd gone terribly bad. Blah! (Remember that factoid next time you're eating a chili-dog with mustard. :-P)

I suppose none of this is really noteworthy, perhaps with the exception of poopie number two which will forever be noted in my mind as EPIC. I mean we’re talking a load that extended from the posterior to the upper back. Perhaps a poopie explosion might be more apt way of describing it. Front to back you say? I think not; this relief effort required up-down, left-right, and a windshield wiper like motion. Yeah… Parenthetically, I nearly ran out of wipes at the time which was rather alarming given the circumstances. Phew. Ah, the things we do for love… ;-)  

As an aside, I am rather curious how no one has come up with a heter to absolve men of an obligation to change their daughter’s diapers or any diaper really. Tznius? Kavod Ha’Torah? Perhaps someone can help me out here! :-D (Just kidding :-P or not…) 

Diaper head
Like that is going to help... 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Social Media Guru

The "Experts"

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Is Blogging Dead (or Dying)?

The Passage of Time
Time Goes by So Slowly...

Is it just me or is blogging on the overall decline? Looking at my daily tally of new post in Google Reader, it would seem that bloggers have taken a serious hiatus. 

Personally, my excuse (and probably the excuse of many other bloggers) is that at a certain point in time life just becomes too busy to unswervingly type out coherent post. That’s not say I (or others) don’t have what to post about; I can assure you that is not the case. 

But in all fairness, who has the time to consistently post nowadays? Or more aptly, if one had to choose the best use of one’s (potentially limited) leisure time, would writing and proofing a blog post really be that high on the list? I surmise not. If you take into consideration that most bloggers are not paid any form of consideration (other than page hits/comments/ ego boosts) for their services, the benefits of maintaining a blog seem marginal.  

The other competing theory that I have been entertaining is that the usefulness of blogging has been diminished by social media. Why share random thoughts and inspirations with random strangers, when you can share them with your friends (acquaintances, or random strangers) on Facebook. Alternatively, why write a long-winded post centered around one discombobulated thought when you could just condense it into a tweet of 160 characters or so.  You can even get comments in real-time and perhaps spark a nice intellectual discussion! 

I don't think blogging will ever really die as it does have a very distinct purpose. Where else are you supposed to write long diatribes about utter randomness to be read by random people? Yet Blogging just seems so lacking and inefficient by comparison to its peers. Perhaps someone will recreate the blogging experience and restore it to it's original glory (Google perhaps?) but until that day comes it seems like the tide is heading out to sea... 

Receding water on the UWGB bayshore
A Sea of Change

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do you Speak Baby? We Do!

My wife found this. At first I was skeptical, but it really works! 

I think Mrs. Dunstan should make an app for simplicity, but I'm still amazed at the process and principle. Nonetheless, we're still wondering what Wah! means, but it's still a great start. It could very well be our daughter (a.k.a. little miss potato head!) has her own dialect, but we are starting to understand her somewhat. We make small talk. ;-) We've tried asking our daughter these words, but that route hasn't been as successful. Eh? 

Watch Mrs. Dunstan in action on Opera! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baby Potatoes

baby bentrup
Not our Baby. A Flickr Baby! (p.s. our baby is cuter, just saying ;-))
I’ve come to the conclusion that cradle cap smells like potatoes. I first realized this when I babysat (i.e. practiced) my nephew. The kid had more cradled cap then my daughter, so the smell was more vivid. But in all the irony, the kid is allergic to potatoes so go figure… It took my wife some time to believe me, but even she has finally come around. It’s kind of odd that I now have to change my clothes when I smell like baby. In other words, when I smell like an odd mixture of potatoes, ricotta cheese, and Dreft (baby detergent). It’s really an endearing smell. I think it should be marketed as cologne although I am unsure who the target market would be.

The parents? 
On that note, I think J&J got it wrong with its baby wash. Head to Toe soap? I think that stuff just makes babies smell like clean potatoes. As an alternative, I think McCormick should be making baby shampoo. I’m thinking garlic and chive might be a start. :-) Embrace the potatoes! (Parenthetically, I think I’m going to call the baby little miss potato head ;-)) And on that note, I am going to refrain from eating instant baby mashed potato (flakes); that’s just a little too close to home. ;-)

Lastly, on the subject of potato related matters, the wife and I made some hand-grated potato kugel this week. For the record, we only use the finest grated-hand! I think I counted at least seven “booboos” on my hands. I’m sure you’re asking yourself “why on earth would you hand grate a potato kugel nowadays?” The simple answer is: because that is how it was done in the alter heim and who are we to question our customs! Just kidding. :-P Basically, we had a few extra potatoes lying around, and I figured it was easier to grate a few potatoes by hand then set-up, wash, and clean a food processor. Clearly I was wrong, as my fingers can now attest. I do recall quipping to TAW that I had found a quicker blade setting by using the micro-spaghetti type side. :-P Let just say that the kugel was made out of blood, sweat, and tears; well at least two out of three. :-/ In the end, it all worked out okay, hand-grated and grated-hand and all. And yes, it tasted fine.

This won't hurt a all...right?

Btw, does anyone know if milk-based formula spit-up is milchigs?