Solely In Black and White: Cost of Matzoh

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cost of Matzoh

How is it that Hand Shmura Matzoh costs more per lb. than some of the most expensive cuts of meat, such as Prime Rib!?! Personally, I paid about $18 per lb, and I know many people who pay significantly more! (I hear Gluten Free is even more than that @$30 for 3!) Pure craziness I tell you. You'd think they're making the stuff with either oil or gold! :-) I wouldn't be surprised if there was some price collusion/ implicit conspiracy going on behind the scenes to keep prices so high. 

Passover Seder 5771 - Shmurah matzah
An Edible Commodity?  


  1. Its quite simple, Matza is a poor mans bread, they have to charge that much to make sure by the time the seder comes around you can truly have that "poor man" feeling.

  2. Because people like you are stupid enough to pay so much.

  3. Would you make a very seasonal product and not charge what the market would bear? It's not as if people lacked another shmura matzo option (machine shmura with highest level supervision).

  4. It's BECAUSE they are totally hand made.


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