Solely In Black and White: Revisiting The Topic of Beards and Dating

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Revisiting The Topic of Beards and Dating

Being that it's that time of the year again (you know, sprout a beard for a while), I've decided to post some rather informative beard information courtesy of Peter Kim and his team of expert beard researchers. Below are some snippets, but be sure to check out the full visual "PhD in Facial Hair" here.

In case you're dating and wondering what that beard will do for you...
I suppose that's based on Scientific Proof that Women Hate Beards

Hmm... Sounds like a bearded arbitrage opportunity. 


Fascinating Correlation or maybe it's a coincidence. And Rabbis too!

                                 Lastly, a quick History Lesson for your Consideration:

To the victor go the trimmings!


  1. Consider: when Ashton Kutcher is behind all that hair, he was ok looks-wise. Then he got a haircut and shaved off the beard, and my my! Even Alex Trebek got rid of his iconic lip-cover.

    Carefully controlled goatee is acceptable. I even have a healthy respect for the handlebar mustache.

    But in the end, I suppose, a man who needs after shave gets seniority.

  2. It all depends on the guy. Some guys can look quite good with beards. I happen to really like the way I look with a beard and cant imagine myself without one.

    A side point is that in certain circles, the guys lack of a beard can be a turn off. A "good" lubavitcher girl would never go for a guy without a beard. So its more than just the beard, its what it represents.

  3. Princess Lea, how about Steve Jobs, or Ashton Kutcher playing him in a movie? ;-)

    I think the Hipsters are behind the hair. Presumably it must be ironic, you know, in the good way...

    The Professor, you're biased. :-) Btw, for some odd reason, I think we had the same conversation last year... :-P

    1. Hey, I rock a beard so yah Im sorta biased. You on the other hand, advocate for the other side due to your lack of a beard. So the bias goes both ways...

      :-) Highly probable.

    2. Ha, well I always say that the men who don't shave year-round actually look much better during sefirah compared to the guys who normally shave and look unkempt!

      But in general I don't have anything against bearded guys, if anything 2 of the best looking guys I dated had beards. And then I dated someone last week who was clearly clean shaven during sefirah... it kind of bothered me that he was quick to get a heter (I'm hoping that's what he did) for a minhag that's so widely accepted despite the compromised first impression. It's sefirah for girls too; we realize your predicament and respect you for sticking to it.

      Love the theory about being clean shaven when self-conscious about the marriage market!


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